Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Loving Life Under the Blacklight

Yesterday was like Christmas - the long awaited new Rilo Kiley CD came out. I was a little skeptical about their single "Moneymaker" because it didn't sound like them and I thought they were trying to go more mainstream. However, the rest of the CD is back to the way things were. They have a little different sound, but its still original. It sounds more like Jenny Lewis' solo project than it does the old Rilo Kiley - so you know it will be AMAZING. If you've never heard of Rilo Kiley, I would highly recommend this CD. The theme of the album is the club/dance floor (but NOT in the pop-Madonna way) - and it sounds a bit retro. It will definitely make you smile (the lyrics are sometimes funny) and wanna dance around in your underwear.

and did I mention that the plastic of the CD case is purple? yet another reason to check it out!

** I have some of the songs playing on the audio feature (my fav is Silver Lining!)

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