Monday, August 6, 2007

Beach Photos

The house
Seaside Market

Attempted to take a pic @ night
We rode bicyclyes everywhere
The sun ;D


penelope said...

the seaside market looks so quaint!!

anyhow, thanks for d comment(:
and be sure to try out the DIY and post it up your blog!!


Kat said...

The beach, house, market, everything looks so pretty. Ah, summer's just the best.

Tru said...

hope you all had fun

Anonymous said...

that looks beautiful!

Ana said...

the seaside market looks so cute. as does everything else. :-)

alexgirl said...

That looks absolutely divine! I'm so jealous. I want to go to the beach and have picnics.
Very cute. Looks like a blast.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that place looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

sounds yummm :D
thanks for commenting on mine...
my friends read my blog but never comment...theyre mean...youre nice