Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Put A Spell On You

You readers will have to bear with me that in the month of October there will be lots of Halloween related posts - why? Because I LOVE it!
Lula Magazine has put together this creepycool short fim called "Spell." Watch it and you will see how it fits in with the whole Halloween theme :)


Erika said...

I. Love. This. The beginning almost reminds me of the "Mirror, Mirror On the Wall" bit from Snow White; while the beach scenes kind of make me think of the film The Craft. It's so eerie, yet completely enchanting at the same time. Beautiful. :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Lula has ME under a spell. :)

Cassidy said...

Beautiful. Haunting. Artistic.

And I love Halloween too!!! I just can't shut up about it :D

Tala said...

Yes !! How amazing !! We posted the Spell short film with Topshop here:

And we can not get over how lovely your blog is. Honestly.