Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vampires, Witches and Wiards, Oh My!

Cookies from Eleni's Bakery
I can't believe Halloween is already near - 4 days! I love Halloween (but I pretty much love every holiday - any excuse to have a party). In my 18 years, I've been a: pumpkin, clown, Ariel, bumble bee, Belle, Jasmine, cheerleader (?), fairy, cat, Ginger Spice (Geri), witch, vampire, butterfly, futuristic person, hippie, cowgirl, and a skeleton. I'm undecided about what I should be this year, but I'm thinking maybe a flapper or some celeb, not that creative, I know. I'll post what I end up being, if its worthy lol. What are y'all going to be?
Oh and here's the playlist of the week: Halloween, of course!
1. Night of the Dancing Flame - Roisin Murphy
2. Leaving in Coffins - Psapp
3. Dracula's Wedding - Outkast
4. The Living Dead - Phantom Planet
5. Bela Lugosi's Dead - Nouvelle Vague
6. Night of the Living Dead - Tilly and the Wall
7. Twilight - The Raveonettes
8. They are Night Zombies!!... - Sufjan Stevens
9. Noisy Neighbor - The Ditty Bops
10. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Susannah McCorkle


brittany said...

check out Vampire Girl by Jonathon Richman, totally fun song for a halloween party. I'm being mother nature, I made my skirt out of fake leaves and gold sparkly stuff. I should post a pic, if I ever get my blog back up. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

hehe they are the night zombies, i love the chorus, and how right afterword there's the "let's hear the string part again". oh sufjan, how i love you :)

as for halloween, i love it too for some reason even though i never was addicted to the candy and i hate horror movies, i just love the atmosphere. im not going as anything this year, but i have been- spiderella, dr jeckeyl and mrs. hyde ;), a greek goddess (with my wooden harp spay painted gold for me by my dad), a crazy chef, charlie brown...aww the memories

Karen said...

what, no Thriller? ha ha ha that's like my all time favorit halloweeny song

The Clothes Horse said...

mmm...yummy looking cookies. Halloween and costumes--always a blast!