Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell, My Friends

I am writing to tell you that this will be my last post on Modern Marie. I have been blogging for nearly 4 years and I must say that it was a very positive and encouraging experience. For the last few months I have felt uninspired - not only for the blog, but in my real life too. Sometimes posting would seem more like a chore than an enjoyment, and it should not feel like that at all. I am taking some time off from blogging to experience things in my own life and get inspired again. This wasn't a rash decision, but something I have been pondering for a long time. I know that I will be back blogging again in the future, but with a new blog and a new mission. I started this blog when I was 17 and I am 21 now - I have definitely grown up and changed. These past 2 years have not been the best years of my personal life, so I want to take every minute to make the next two years fantastic.
I feel like with my next blog, it will be more personal and just everyday accounts of my adventures - wherever I shall be in life! I want my family and friends to know about it too - I have been blogging anonymous for the last 4 years. I will still visit all my favorite blogs (I have a lot) to keep in touch and to still be in the "blogging world" somewhat. Think of this as a Sabbatical and when I come back I will better than ever. Thank you for reading my blog for the past four years and leaving my encouraging and sweet comments along the way - it is definitely something I will NEVER forget!

See you soon!
- Modern Marie :)

*I keep the blog up for another month and then shut it down.
I'll also be spending my new time making stuff for my etsy shop.
And feel free to shoot me an email :

Friday, July 30, 2010


I just had an evening picnic with my best friends last night. It was our last big hurrah all together before everyone heads back to college. Sangria, brie, fruit, french bread, and fabulous people - such a great way to "end" the summer :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Queen of Spade

This collection of colorful clothes comes even more to life with the fun, summery collage background. I also love that she remixes all the pieces to show you how versatile everything can be. Keep it coming Kate!
Also, the lake was relaxing - it was nice to be away for a little bit. Now, I have some post inspiration again! Yay!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vacationing People

I'm going to the lake for a few days with family. It's a much needed break from work and blogging. It's just a long weekend, but hopefully enough to recharge and refocus me :)
I will resume blogging and commenting (I've been bad about that - sorry) no later than Tuesday. I leave you with some more summery, summery tunes. They remind me of the beach, riding bikes and driving your car with the windows rolled down - stereotypical of summer music, right? We normally would be going to the beach, but because of the oil, we decided to go to the lake, where the oil can't even get to even if it tried. These Diana F+ pictures are from back in March in Charleston when my friends and I went to the beach one day when it felt like June outside. And yes, that is me in the hat ;)

1. Skinny Genes – Eliza Doolittle

2. Rill Rill – Sleigh Bells

3. Vacationing People – Foreign Born

4. Holiday – Vampire Weekend

5. New in Town – Little Boots

6. Heaven’s On Fire - The Radio Dept.

7. Melancholy Astronautic Man – Allie Moss

8. Gonna Get Along Without You Now – She & Him

9. Stay Close - Delorean

10. Don You Want To Share the Guilt? – Kate Nash

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running on Low

I am running a little low on inspirations for posts as of late. If you have anything you would like me to post about, it would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm just in a little funk. However, a little R&R at the lake this weekend will be nice way to clear my head and refocus.

(the picture above is of my favorite musician, Jenny Lewis, whom I am sure is never dry of inspiration)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yosemite via Diana F+

Here are some of the pictures I developed of Yosemite that I took with my Diana F+ camera:
^ I took two pictures on the same frame in this photo. First the mountain, then the sky and trees. I love the way the mountain looks like it has a pattern or reflection on it.
^I love the vintage look of Diana photographs. Definitely the best view in the entire park.
^If you look closely in the bottom right you can see me - appearing as though I am floating in air. This picture was taken deep in the woods. The first shot I was looking up at a huge redwood and the second overlaying shot I took of trees, so it appears as if I am ascending in air or something. I had no idea the picture was going to come out like this, so it was fun to see the result.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Workout Mix #2

Below are some songs that I love working out to. I am always looking for new fast paced workout music, so tell me what you like to work out to!

1. Bulletproof – La Roux

2. Up Up & Away – Kid Cudi

3. Good Morning – Rogue Wave

4. Kids Don’t Stand A Chance – Vampire Weekend vs. Miike Snow

5. Ampling Alp - Yeasayer

6. Cousins – Vampire Weekend

7. SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

8. The Fame – Lady Gaga

9. Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective

10. You’ve Changed - Sia

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am a bit obsessed with the new Dior couture collection. The huge flower backdrop sets the theme for the entire collection. I love everything from the bright colors, to the swirly hairdos, all the way down to the cellophane headpieces. The models remind me of those pressed flower prints I used make when I was younger.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Etsy Shop!

Over the past several weeks I have been putting together my little Etsy shop (yet to still have a name - if it ever will). Take a look around - I'll be updating it a lot, it's still a work in progress. ...and its full of color :)
there's also an ad for it on the side of my page now

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Purchase Now!

These songs are superfantastik - get a hold of them asap!

1. Verigo – Anya Marina

2. Mango Tree – Angus and Julia Stone

3. Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend

4. All The Pretty Girls – fun.

5. Love Lost – The Temper Trap

6. It’s Gonna Be A Long Walk - Apparat

7. I Still Care For You – Ray LaMontagne

8. Norway – Beach House

9. Excuses – The Morning Benders

10. Symphonies – Dan Black

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elizabeth and Darcy

Pride and Prejudice is without a doubt my favorite movie. It's one that right after I watch it, I want to rewatch it again immediately. It's just beautiful.
Also, Design Sponge did an amazing interior design post all inspired by the movie.